MoZONE Tutorial

We created our online demo to allow you to get the MoZONE experience in the cloud. The MoZONE Live Demo features different use cases per vertical. Based on the Demo you select you will be able to: Join the Waitlist, Pre-Order, Order, Request Service, Request the Bill, and Update your information. The Live Demo currently shows off functionality, should you request a live unit we will work with you to create a custom solution: landing page, features, and store.

The Demo

During the demo press the green button for any feature you would like to try.


If it is your first time using the demo you will be prompted to Register after your first request.

Join the Waitlist!

To join the waitlist simply press the button. If you are registred you will receive an offer for a pre-order discount and be redirected to the pre-order page!

Order / Pre-Order

Press the thumbnail or click the button to learn how to order food, add favorites, and check out.
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Requesting Service

Simply enter a table number to request your server.

Requesting the Bill

As shown, requesting your bill is as simple as entering your table number and pressing a button.

Updating information

If you are having issues receiving a SMS or would like to opt-out press the 'Update' button to update information or opt-out.

Demo MoZONE today!